From Our Founder


My name is Sami and I am the creator, founder, and owner of FITSO (Fit In To Stand Out) plus size athletic wear. I am a retail-traumatized, plus size girl and have been my whole life. I grew up without confidence and hating the way my body looked; I believed I wasn’t worthy of love because of my size.  As I learned to reject this notion, I developed confidence through body movement & dressing in things I liked, not just what I felt society said I should wear because my body was different.  As I started to dress more and more for ME, I found that my mental health improved too! However, my options for plus size clothing were still limited, and every shopping trip brought back feelings of discouragement and ostracization. 

I created FITSO because I couldn’t find what I wanted and needed in plus size apparel. I wanted clothes that would support me and empower me to move my body while still looking great. It became clear that even plus size apparel wasn't made with me in mind; finding apparel in a  petite fat fit became a struggle, and then everything else was too "tall" for my body type.

I got tired of the boring and ill-fitting clothing, and so, FITSO was born! 

I hope you enjoy the collections! 




is to design functional, fashion-forward apparel that is explicitly created for sizes 0X-7X.