Plus-size streetwear for bold & unapologetic women

You can shop our wears in person at The Shops at West End, West End Artisan Market located at 
1658 West End Blvd, Minneapolis, MN 55416

Trendy, comfortable, and highly supportive plus-size streetwear.

Our mission is to create sustainable, highly functional, fashion-forward  streetwear that is expertly designed to fit you. BE YOURSELF; WE CATER TO THAT.




what sets us apart

At FITSO, we strive to be inclusive in all aspects. This goes beyond just being size-inclusive. We work to showcase diversity and represent all womxn identifying humans.

At FITSO, our goal is that every womxn feels a sense of belonging and support within the community. Our voices together can create change.

At FITSO, we are unapologetically ourselves. We are not afraid to be bold and ask for what we want or need.

about fitso

F.I.T.S.O stands for Fit In To Stand Out and is a play on the word fatso on purpose. It feels right to reclaim words that have been used against us! It is a natural human desire to want to fit in while still expressing individuality with your own style. 
F.I.T.S.O caters to plus size womxn that desire to wear comfortable, sustainable, and trendy clothing. F.I.T.S.O clothing has been tested and sampled on various different plus size bodies to ensure the fit is just right. We know we can always do better and encourage feedback to continue meeting our community‚Äôs needs.